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eczema: apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar.

okay - first things first - DO NOT put apple cider vinegar directly, undiluted onto your skin. anywhere. it will cause pain, burning, and screaming. this may be obvious to you, but some of us are so desperate we’ll try anything without reading further. (*ahem*) also, always ask a doctor before you go slathering acidic food items all over your skin. i, am not a doctor. just an eczema veteran.

you can either drink or apply diluted apple cider vinegar to an eczema area. it has a lot of vitamins, and may help balance out your pH levels during a flareup. if you have skin that is so raw that a layer is missing; or a very large patch (like an entire leg) of oozing eczema, don’t apply any amount of vinegar to it please.

i suggest starting with one tablespoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, (found in the section of your grocery that sells vinegar), in one full cup of water.

to apply: the application of apple cider vinegar can help with the itch at first. if you decide to try this, keep in mind that you must test a patch of affected skin first! that way you can assess whether or not you’ve diluted this mixture enough.

apply the vinegar mix slowly. do not rub. use cotton balls/pads to press the liquid onto your skin. hopefully- this is soothing! if you feel adventurous/unimpressed you may consider adding more vinegar to your water in minute quantities. do this a few times/until your skin feels calmer - then wash off and moisturize liberally.

to drink: i’ll just go ahead and say right now, that i am perfectly happy to drink diluted apple cider vinegar on its own. to make this potion a little more palatable, try a touch of honey or cranberry juice, (unsweetened cranberry juice if you feel somewhat brave). its good to get into as much of a habit as you can. this probably won’t have an immediate effect on that flare up behind your knees or on the inside of your elbows, but do it 1-3 times daily and see how you feel after a few days or so.

if you are in the middle of a non-life threatening allergic reaction that is causing the eczema/other symptoms - i find that these things can help.

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